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Escaping the Past is Never Smooth

A middle aged woman forced into marriage at age 11 finds a unique opportunity to reclaim her life.

Silk is the story of Rani (Oscar nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo) a woman given away by her family and forced into marriage at age 11.  Now an immigrant living and working in the garment industry of downtown Los Angeles with a husband she never loved, Rani encounters a group of brazen young women who will illuminate what life is like outside the confines of her forced marriage.

Silk is an original screenplay, written by Catherine Dent & Eyal Alony, and was inspired by the Pulitzer Prize winning photo essay, Too Young to Wed by Stephanie Sinclair. (  )

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Ida knows the online dating scene is a numbers game, but after 22 failed dates she’s desperate for Mr. Right.  When her next date (with the seemingly normal Louis) comes to a strangely abrupt end, Ida is hell-bent on getting a second chance, even though it means competing with Louis’s best friend — a giant talking spider.

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Sometimes it takes a good fall to know where you stand. Let these engaging, interesting characters lead you down a path to lessons learned. A boy learns the importance of family after a near death experience and then a journey with a wise girl and her friend.

This film has been approved by the Dove Foundation for Family viewing.


The story follows Daniel, a teen that can’t stay away from technology.  He is always texting friends on his phone, messaging friends on Facebook, or playing MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing games).  However, he ignores the people that care about him the most - his family.  One day, this behavior causes him to be thrown into a mystical world where he meets Izzie, a wise seven year old girl, and her protector.  They must lead Daniel away from a faceless figure, so he can return safely home.  The journey leads Daniel to a crisis point in his life.

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