Ethos Pictures was named after the Greek word meaning “character”, which is used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, nation, or ideology.   Ethos Pictures focuses on character driven productions and on productions that analyze how relationships between characters mime society and society’s ideas about humanity.


Founded by Grace Santos (Actor, Attorney, Director, Hollywood Exec, Producer): http://www.grace-santos.com   

Her past projects include: 


“Odessa”, a short film, drama

About: In a post-secession Texas, a desperate mother makes a perilous border crossing to save her child’s life. 

People involved: Starring Ricky Wayne (“The Walking Dead”) and Will Haze (“Banshee”), Directed by Sean Michael Turrell, Written by Doug Johnson, Produced by Grace Santos, Doug Johnson, Andrew Shebay, David Moscow (“Big”, “Newsies”).

Fests and Awards: Cannes Short Film Corner, Savannah Film Festival, Gasparilla International Film Festival (Grand Jury Award for Best Short Film), Worldfest (Silver Remi Award), Plaza Classic Film Festival, Santa Fe Film Festival, Hollyshorts Film Festival, and more.  


“Election Night”, a short film, comedy

About: A politician’s family waits in the green room on election eve – will the speech be a celebration or a concession? The last 350 votes have yet to come in, and the nerves rattle the family into a comic whirlwind of wild theories, long-held secrets, and a revelation that nobody saw coming. 

People involved: Starring Peri Gilpin (“Frasier”), Written/Directed by Tessa Blake, Produced by Catherine Dent (“The Shield”, “21 Grams”) & Grace Santos.

Fests and Awards: Cannes Film Festival American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase, Florida Film Festival, Sarasota Film Festival, USA Film Festival (winner), Los Angeles Comedy Festival, Jakarta International Festival of Women (winner), Mexico International Film Festival (winner), Melbourne, and more.


“Silk”, a short film, drama

About: A woman given away and forced into marriage at age 10 has found a unique opportunity to reclaim her life.

People involved: Starring Shohreh Aghdashloo (Oscar nominee and Emmy winner), Directed by Catherine Dent (“The Shield”, “21 Grams”), Co-produced by Eyal Alony, Grace Santos, Brian Kirchoff, Nikit Doshi.

Fests and Awards: USA Film Festival (winner), Newport Beach Film Festival (winner), Palm Springs Shortsfest, Bend Film Festival (winner), San Luis Obispo (winner), Louisiana Film Festival, LA Shortsfest, NY Shortsfest, Sun Valley Film Festival, Charleston Film Festival, Sarasota Film Festival, and more


“A Tricky Treat”, a short film, horror comedy

Will be playing at Fantasia Fest in Montreal and DragonCon in Georgia in 2015.  A shorter version was part of the Soska Twins’ annual blood drive.  Director Patricia Chica, Writer Kamal Iskander.  More on www.facebook.com/ATrickyTreat


“Spun”, a short film, comedy

Was awarded an Honorable Mention by the Producers Guild of America.  Produced by Eyal Alony & Grace Santos.  Made for the weekend shorts competition, the competition was in honor of the late producer Laura Ziskin (Spider Man, Pretty Woman) and one of the judges was James Franco.


Geronimo“, fantasy, short film.

Directed/Produced by Grace Santos.  Written by Gus Blanco.  Starring Neil Gillen and Hannah Swain.  A teen learns the importance of family after a near death experience and encounter with a wise young girl.


“Cowboy v Samurai”, stage play

By Michael Golamco, writer on NBC’s Grimm.  Directed by Ryan McCarthy.  Produced by Grace Santos.  Starring Jonathan Cho, Viet Nguyen, Michael Roark (“The Young and the Restless”).  It is a moving comic re-telling of Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac, where one man must choose between the Asian American and the American within himself in a pursuit of a love that may only be as real as the love letters he writes for someone else.


“Bondage”, stage play

By David Henry Hwang (M. Butterfly).  Directed by Ami Sallee.  Produced by Grace Santos.  Starring Jonathan Cho and Nevada Caldwell.  It is about a dominatrix and her client whose costumes conceal their faces and ethnicities to allow them to play out fantasies based on racial stereotypes and sexual mythologies, all the while they may be moving towards the most terrifying reality of all – a true intimacy which transcends the bounds of race.